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  • Starting at: $115
    This Skid completely covers the EVAP can on all sides protecting it from potential damage while your hitting the trails! Heavy duty 3/16" Steel Construction with a Durable Black Powder Coat Finish. Easy Bolt-On Installation and NO Hose Rerouting Required!
  • Starting at: $45
    Once installed, this kit will create more clearance between the front driveshaft and the passenger's side exhaust crossover tube. The steel tube spacers fit tightly to the factory exhaust flare joints to ensure no exhaust leaks while still maintaining the flare joint adjustability. New hardware is also included and the kit is completely reversible if future suspension and/or exhaust modifications are completed.
  • Starting at: $43
    These exhaust extension by Zone Offroad provide added clearance between the exhaust crossover pipe and the front driveshaft. This is required on both 2 and 4 door 2012-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK models when an suspension lift that adds any more than 2" of droop travel to the suspension is added.
  • Starting at: $33
    Does your XJ have a little drive line vibration? This 1" transfer case drop kit might just be the answer. This system comes with new fasters and lowers the transfer case to reduce driveline angles.
  • Starting at: $30
    Front Alignment Cam Bolts are used to fine tune the caster on your TJ or ZJ. These came factory on '97 TJ's, but newer models will require these for aligment after a lift without longer control arms has been installed. Reduce driveline vibration on slip yoke drivetrains by using Zone Offroad Products Rear Pinion Cam Locks (J5408) to rotate the pinion and reduce u-joint angles.
  • Starting at: $26
    Did you stack a spacer on top of your 3" kit and now realize that your axle is pulled off to one side? Did you add a new after market bumper and winch and now your axle is off the other way? Well, these items are the fix for you. Whether you want an adjustable track bar or a relocation system, ZONE OFFROAD PRODUCTS has what you need.
  • Starting at: $15
    An easy way to rotate your rear pinion up on your TJ or ZJ. Commonly used for 3 or 4" of lift, these cam locks are easy to install and will reduce driveline vibrations. Unlike a cam bolt, these can't slip and allow your pinion angle to change. Why spend big money on a slip yoke eliminator and drivshaft when a simple cam lock can eliminate your drive line vibration. Front Alignment Cam Bolts (J5311) are also avilable from Zone Offroad Products and are used to fine tune the caster on your TJ or ZJ. These come factory on 97 TJs, but newer models will require these for aligment after a lift without longer control arms has been installed.
  • Starting at: $12
    Zone Offroad offers this bump stop extension kit that includes a pair of 1.5" tall by 3" diameter extensions. These attach by simply with a 3/8" bolt for a universal mounting platform very common Jeeps as well as many other vehicles. If you have installed large tires or a lift and have not thought about extending your bump stops, think about this: Bump stop extensions limit spring travel to prevent spring failure and fatigue by keeping the spring from being over-compressed. In addition, bump stop extensions also prevent rubbing by limiting the tire's upward travel into the fender well. Zone Offroad offers various sizes to fit the specific needs of your application.