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XD Series by KMC
Starting at: $240.00 each

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XD wheels thrive on the dirt and chaos of extra-duty, off-road racing. They are built for those who need precise equipment for an imprecise environment. These wheels are actually put to the test by the XD Series race teams at some of the most demanding off-road events in the world including the SCORE Baja 1000 and the TORC Series. Light-weight and strong these wheels are always ready to take on the next challenge. . . are you?? The XD128 MACHETE is available in 15", 16", 17", 18" and 20" diameters. Finish available in Satin Black, Matte Gray with a black ring or Machined with a black ring. This wheel features a two piece cap system that is fully customizable! Not only can you paint the metal base any color you choose but also have the option to run it with or without hubs.
Select Finish: Matte Gray W/Black Ring  | SATIN BLACK |  SATIN BLACK MACHINED FACE

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Size Bolt Pattern Hub Bore Offset QTY Retail Price Sale
XD12878550700 SATIN BLACK 17x8 5X5.0 n/a 0 400.00 $240.00
XD12878558700 SATIN BLACK 17x8 5x150 n/a 0 400.00 $240.00
XD12878563700 SATIN BLACK 17x8 6x135 n/a 0 400.00 $240.00
XD12879050712N SATIN BLACK 17x9 5X5.0 n/a -12 413.33 $248.00
XD12879050718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 5X5.0 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879055712N SATIN BLACK 17x9 5x5.5 n/a -12 413.33 $248.00
XD12879055718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 5x5.5 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879058718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 5x150 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879063718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 6x135 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879068712N SATIN BLACK 17x9 6X5.5 n/a -12 413.33 $248.00
XD12879068718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 6X5.5 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879080712N SATIN BLACK 17x9 8x6.5 n/a -12 413.33 $248.00
XD12879080718 SATIN BLACK 17x9 8x6.5 n/a 18 413.33 $248.00
XD12879087712N SATIN BLACK 17x9 8x170 n/a -12 413.33 $248.00

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